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Thank you for  viewing our products. The Festive period is fast approaching so just wanted t o let you know all items are BBF dated well into 2023.

Posting dates: as you know at this time of year all carriers get exceptionally busy so we are saying this year due to the possibility of industrial action please order if you can by Monday 12th December. 

Orders place after this date will be processed in the normal way and will arrive in a timely manner bearing in mind this busy time of year.

We will be closed from close of play the 20th December reopening 3rd Jan 2023. During the festive period we will operate at reduced capacity on 27th &  29th December.

Thank you again for your support.

Season’s greetings.

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Allergy Information - Please see foot of page for full details.


A Carnivores Delight

Pork Panko Crumbs
£ 10.40 £ 10.40 10.4 GBP
BBQ Flavour - Bakers Multipack | 13 x 70g
£ 16.98 £ 16.98 16.98 GBP
1kg Keto Scratchings - Smoked Sea Salt
£ 14.75 £ 14.75 14.75 GBP
Sweet Chilli - Bakers Multipack | 13 x 70g
£ 16.98 £ 16.98 16.98 GBP
5kg Keto Scratchings - Sea Salt
£ 57.75 £ 57.75 57.75 GBP
Garlic Pork Scratchings | 1Kg Bag
£ 14.75 £ 14.75 14.75 GBP
5kg Keto scratchings - Unseasoned
£ 57.75 £ 57.75 57.75 GBP
Salt & Vinegar Pork Scratchings | 1Kg Bag
£ 14.75 £ 14.75 14.75 GBP
Ghost Chilli Pork Scratchings | 1Kg Bag
£ 16.90 £ 16.90 16.9 GBP
Traditional Double Bumper Pack | 2 x 200g
£ 9.95 £ 9.95 9.950000000000001 GBP
Traditional Bumper Five Pack | 5 x 200g
£ 17.77 £ 17.77 17.77 GBP
Double Cooked Crackling - Sea Salt | 1Kg Pack
£ 14.75 £ 14.75 14.75 GBP
Double Cooked Crackling - Seasoned | 1Kg Pack
£ 14.75 £ 14.75 14.75 GBP

​Allergy Information. 

We have listed the ingredients of our products for those who may have food allergies and want to check before purchasing.  

Some of the dried ingredients (herbs & Spices) used in the production of our exclusive range may have been produced in facilities that also process milk, nuts, Soya and seeds.   Please see individual product labels for information.   Recipes are subject to change without prior notice.

All of our Jars and lids are supplied new and from suppliers within the UK. They are washed, sanitised and sterilised in line with Food standards and Environmental Health requirements to guarantee your satisfaction. 


We reuse/ up cycle as much packaging material as possible, this includes packaging on delivered goods and materials. We have increased our use of recyclable materials, Glass jars and bottles and paper / cardboard. We are working on alternative materials for shipping and packaging of our edible snacks.
Any material which we cannot upcycle is recycled at our on-site recycling facility.​